This Son Is Selling 28 Years' Worth Of Birthday Whiskey To Buy A House

You might want to hold onto the fancy bottle of alcohol your friends and family get you for your birthday because it could help you buy your new home in a few years!

A man from the UK is getting a ton of attention for holding 28 years' worth of whiskey and then selling it to buy his new home!

Apparently the guy's dad would give him a bottle of Macallan whiskey every year for his birthday since 1992 and the most recent bottle he purchased for him was worth almost $6,500.

The entire collection is worth almost $53,000 and the son is planning on using it to help buy his first home.

While most of us are used to chugging any birthday booze within no time at all, one lad has been saving his - and now it's worth so much that he's going to auction it all off, with the money going towards buying his first house!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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