New Study Claims Xbox Gamers Are More 'Toxic' Than PlayStation Gamers

Focused on the game

If you’re planning on getting a new next-gen console in November then you might want to take into consideration as to which console has the most “toxic fanbase.”

A new study has found that Xbox players are considered the “most toxic” gamers when compared to PlayStation users in terms of physical and verbal aggression, anger, and hostility.

The study was done by, who worked with psychologists to survey almost 1,000 gamers and found that Xbox users had higher levels of aggression when something difficult happened in a game.

The study also looked at desktop and mobile players, who scored similarly to Nintendo users and the survey found that Call of Duty was often the most infuriating game for every gamer.

Somehow Animal Crossing was also in the top five games to cause physical aggression and we’re blaming Tom Nook for that!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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