Amazon Is Selling A 27-Pound Bucket Of Mac & Cheese

If you consider yourself a mac & cheese fiend then you might want to stock up on your supplies with Amazon's 27-pound BUCKET of macaroni & cheese!

Chef’s Banquet makes a 26-pound, 10-ounce bucket of the signature side dish that originally was sold at Costco earlier this year, but you can now buy it on amazon for $120.

The 6-gallon bucket is filled with elbow pasta and cheddar cheese sauce and should be enough to make 180 servings, so you can either throw a mac & cheese party or not have to buy dinner for the next six months.

You can buy this gigantic bucket of macaroni and cheese and store it for up to 20 years so if you want your future kids/grandkids to eat 20-year-old mac & cheese then you should good to go!

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