Popeyes Has The DMV's Favorite Fast Food French Fries

Burger King Parent Restaurants International Acquires Popeyes For $1.8 Billion

Picking the best fast-food french fry is a very heated debate because your gut instinct would tell you McDonald's, but on the other hand Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes have stepped up with their own fry contenders!

That's why the team at Spruce went ahead and conducted a survey to find each state's favorite fast=food french fry and it turns out that the DMV really loves Popeyes' cajun fries!

Spruce analyzed Google Trends data to compile their list and Popeyes came up as the most searched for fry in Virginia and Maryland! This might have been influenced by their chicken sandwiches, but I'm glad people are finally realizing how good the chain is overall!

Here are the other states'/DC's favorite fast food french fry and apparently West Virginians really love Taco Bell:

  • DC – Five Guys
  • MD – Popeyes
  • VA – Popeyes
  • WY – Taco Bell

To see what every other state chose as their favorite french fry you can go HERE!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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