Your Dog's Favorite Toys Are Either Blue Or Yellow!

This is something cool I just learned as a new "Dog Dad," but it turns out that your dog's favorite toys will most likely be blue or yellow!

While most people thought that dogs always saw everything in gray, it turns out that your furry friend can actually see blues and yellows, but is red-green colorblind.

Essentially this means that they have a harder time identify separate things that are red from the grass whenever you play, but if you have a blue or yellow toy they can more easily identify the toy.

Now you can totally get any toy for your dog, but the research all of this comes from recommends that if you’re playing with a toy outside, definitely go with blue, which will create a good contrast with the grass, and if you’re playing inside, you have a little more wiggle room and can go with any colors your dog is able to see—like blue, yellow, or even purple!

Plus who doesn't want to see their "bundle of joy" look like the below picture?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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