Ben Affleck Will Return As Batman In The Flash Movie

Even though we're already getting ready for Robert Pattinson to don the cowl as Batman it looks like Ben Affleck isn't hanging the cape up just yet because a new report says that Affleck will return as Batman in the upcoming The Flash movie!

According to Vanity Fair, Affleck, who has played Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League will put on the Bat-Cowl one more time in Ezra Miller's Flash movie and he's not the only Batman in the film!

It's also being reported that Michael Keaton would be coming back to play an older Batman as well!

If the rumors are true then The Flash movie will give its own take on the popular Flashpoint storyline from DC Comics where The Flash messes the timeline and creates an alternate universe.

We'll most likely learn more during DC's fan conventions called DC Fandome this weekend so make sure to keep it locked to social media for more announcements!


Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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