Alamo Drafthouse Will Open Theaters With Free Bill & Ted Screenings

If you've missed going to the movie theaters then Alamo Drafthouse might have the perfect incentive for you to go their theaters again because they'll be showing Bill & Ted Face the Music for FREE on August 26th!

Alamo Drafthouse theaters have been closed for almost five months and select locations will reopen starting on August 26th and to celebrate they are showing the third Bill & Ted movie one day before any other theater or video-on-demand service will.

Alamo is also offering two programs inspired by the pandemic like “Making Up for Lost Time,” which will highlight movies about time travel like Back to The Future and "Masks" which will highlight superhero movies like Batman and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse.

To see if you Alamo is participating in the FREE screening you can go HERE and you can check out the latest trailer for Bill & Ted below!


Photo Credit: Orion Pictures

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