This Museum Lets Guests Zipline Into Godzilla's Mouth

Even though the world is pretty much on lockdown because of coronavirus, this hasn't stopped a museum in Japan from opening up what might be the coolest exhibit yet which lets guests zipline into Godzilla's mouth!

The Godzilla Museum just opened up at Awaji Island and while guests can see several exhibits that feature props and sets from almost every Godzilla movie, the main feature everyone is talking about is the zipline.

If you're brave enough, you and a friend can zipline into the mouth of an almost realistic interpretation of the "King of Kaijus!"

The exhibit isn't fully operational as of this writing, but you would expect it to to open soon as the museum will close at the end of August.

You can see the concept art of the exhibit below and we can only hope that this exhibit tours the world so we also can face our fears and fly into Godzilla!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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