How To Get The Fortnite Pickaxe From The Marvel's Avengers Beta

We've had multiple Marvel and Fortnite crossovers in the past few years thanks to the MCU, but now Marvel is helping you unlock a new Hulk-themed pickaxe in Fortnite just by playing the beta for Marvel's The Avengers!

The new pickaxe is called "Hulk Smashers" and looks just like having your own Hulk hands, but the even cooler thing is that you can change the pickaxe to make it look like Iron Man's Hulkbuster Hands instead.

Here's what you have to do to successfully get your own Hulk Hands in Fortnite:

  1. Download and play the beta for Marvel's The Avengers (The Open Beta is this weekend, August 21-23)
  2. Play All The Single-Player Missions in the beta (The last mission you'll need to play is the "arctic mission")
  3. Complete All Three HARM Room Challenges in the beta (You'll need to progress past the beta's single-player missions to get to the challenge rooms)
  4. Link Your Epic account with your Square Enix Members account
  5. Enjoy your NEW "Hulk Smashers!"

It is a challenging task so you might want to cancel any plans you might have had this weekend, but it will be so worth it because who doesn't want their own virtual Hulk Hands!?

Photo Credit: Epic Games

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