Floating Drive-In Theaters For Boats Are Coming To The US

It only took a month for the US to adopt what might be the greatest idea from Paris during coronavirus because floating drive-in movie theaters are coming to the US!

Last month the city of Paris went viral for offering boat enthusiasts the chance to watch a movie while floating on the Seine River and now select cities in the US will begin incorporating the same set-up at their local bodies of water.

The Hidden Appis bringing Floating Boat Cinema to locations like Cincinnati, Columbus, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Austin where people can watch a chosen movie in their boats or on the shore.

Unfortunately you can't drive your own boat to the set destination, but will instead have to purchase a ticket for 12-24 mini-boats that each hold about eight people per boat.

The initial cities will serve as a test run so fingers crossed it does well so that we can see National Treasure on the Potomac!

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