Every Video Game You Need To Play In August

New video games come out every day on every platform, which is why I wanted to put together a short list of the games you NEED to play, or at least watch for each month!

There's a game for everybody on this list no matter your age or gaming platform and as the resident "Gaming Expert" of the show I figured this would help you save time and money on games that aren't worth you, your family, or your friend's time!

Here are some of the big games, along with a short description and release platform, coming out in August:

Fall Guys

Release Date: August 4

Platform(s): PS4 and PC

What's It About?: This small indie-darling has taken the Internet by storm and it's kind of like Mario Party and Fortnite had a baby! If you love party games then this is perfect for anyone in the family.

Fast & Furious Crossroads

Release Date: August 7

Platform(s): PS4, Xbox, and PC

What's It About?: If you need something to help you deal with their being no Fast & Furious movie this year then this is perfect for you! Most of the cast is voicing their characters in the game and who doesn't love some sweet car destruction!?

Hyper Scape

Release Date: August 11

Platform(s): PS4, Xbox, and PC

What's It About?: A new player in the world of Battle Royale has entered the game! Ubisoft's battle royale game just released on PS4 and Xbox and it's worth giving it a shot just to expand your battle royale dominance!

Madden NFL 21

Release Date: August 28

Platform(s): PS4, Xbox, and PC

What's It About?: Above all else if you live in the DMV you HAVE to get this year's Madden with our boy Lamar Jackson from the Baltimore Ravens being this year's cover athlete!

Photo Credit: Ubisoft

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