An Insurance Company Is Offering Employees $300 Pet Adoption Stipends

Tons of people have added a furry member to the family since coronavirus forced most of us to work from home, including myself, and I think we can all agree that pet adoption fees are EXPENSIVE!

Now I know adopting a pet is a sizable investment that is so worth it, but this insurance company is helping its employees have an easier time adopting a pet by giving them a $300 stipend to do so!

The Zebra, which is an "insurance comparison site” has announced that their employees are being offered a $300 stipend to adopt pets because they are now offering insurance plans that cover pets.

However, that's now all the company is doing because it is also offering "pawternity leave" to its employees so that they can have an easier time transitioning their new family member to their home.

Now if you need another reason to adopt a pet, then just check out my son, who my girlfriend and I adopted six months ago, below!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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