This New App Helps You "Shazam" Snakes And Spiders In The Wild

We can all agree on that when we see a snake or spider that we immediately freak out a little just because we don't know if they are poisonous or not, which is why this new app is here to help!

Called Critterpedia, the Australian-based app kind of works like Shazam and helps you identify what type of spider or snake is near you just from taking a picture of it.

The app was co-developed with Australia’s National Science Agency and uses an AI-powered algorithm to identify, classify and provide information on the family, genus or species (including its threat level) of the animal you take a picture of.

The app hasn't released yet, but this might be an app you might want to always have on your phone because you never know when a weird spider gets in your house that you don't know is friend or foe!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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