Netflix's Iconic "Ta-Dum" Sound Almost Included A Goat Noise

We can all agree that Netflix has been an essential survival tool during the pandemic to keep us entertained, but it turns out the streaming service almost had a different iconic sound than we're used to hearing.

Thanks to a recent episode of the Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast we found out that Netflix's iconic start-up noise, which is technically labeled as the "Ta-Dum" sound, almost included a goat bleating in the background when Netflix was searching for a signature sound in 2015.

At that time Netflix wanted to recreate the MGM lion, which played in front of every MGM film, but it didn't make it into the final approved version.

Now I'm glad we don't have a goat screaming at us every time I start an episode of The Umbrella Academy or Transformers: War For Cybertron - Siege, but maybe Netflix includes it as an April Fool's Day prank next year.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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