Shake Shack Will Be Getting Drive-Thrus In The Next Year

Get ready to start eating your favorite Shake Shack order in your car because the burger chain will be adding drive-thrus to some of its stores in the next year!

According to Shake Shack's recent quarterly earnings call, the chains CEO announced that it is planning to open its first-ever drive-thru location next year and if it is successful that they will add it to other locations.

You can see what it looks like below, but it will kind of be reminiscent of a Chick-fil-A or In-n-Out Burger drive-thru where you can place your order and have to wait a little bit while it is cooked fresh. However, the cool feature that Shake Shack drive-thrus will have is designated drive-thru lanes.

Essentially that means that if you ordered ahead of time on the app that there is a designated lane for you to go through instead of having to wait through the normal drive-thru.

Fingers crossed this also means more Shake Shack locations come to the DMV that have a drive-thru because you already know that none of the DC locations are ready for a drive-thru!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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