Grilled Queso Is The Latest TikTok Food Hack You Need To Try

TikTok has been home to a TON of hacks that have instantly changed everyone's life, but I might have found the greatest hack of all time - GRILLED QUESO!

The latest food hack, which is currently dominating my "For You Page" on TikTok involves grilling your queso with its ingredients instead of using an instant pot, crock pot, or the microwave.

You need to use cheese and a grill of course, but additions can vary from beef, chorizo for spice or any veggies if you want to keep it vegetarian. You let the ingredients cook uncovered on the grill for 15 minutes and stir and you have the PERFECT queso.

You can see what some of the biggest videos of grilled queso have been and don't be afraid to switch it up and add your own flair to it!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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