Amazon Has Revealed Its Own 'Smart' Shopping Cart

While you might recognize Amazon as your favorite store you shop at, the online retailer has been quietly revolutionizing how we shop at grocery stores with things like the cashier-less store, but now they're improving your grocery cart!

The company just revealed a new smart shopping cart they’re calling the “Amazon Dash Cart,” which promises to make “a quick grocery trip even quicker by allowing you to skip the checkout line.” 

The cart will essentially know what you’ve put in it and charge you accordingly as the cart will temporarily be assigned to your Amazon account once you scan the QR code on the cart.

When shoppers exit the store through a designated Dash Cart lane, the sensors will then add up the bill and charge it to the credit card linked to their Amazon account. The cart even has a screen that will inform shoppers of their subtotal as they're shopping, and will allow them to scan coupons.

The Dash Cart plans to launch at the Woodland Hills, California Amazon Go grocery store later this year and I kind of hope it goes nationwide because who wouldn't want to see their running total of groceries while shopping?

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