Burger King Partnered With Mason Ramsey To Yodel About Reducing Cow Farts

You have to give props to Burger King for always coming up with creative commercials starting back in the day with The King and now the burger chain is educating everyone on "cow farts" in their latest commercial!

Burger King teamed up with Mason Ramsey, aka "Yodel Kid," to make a song about how the food chain will start grass-feeding the cows they use to reduce the amount of methane they release in the year through digestion and releasing gas.

According to the commercial, Whopper sandwiches with reduced methane emissions beef will be sold at select U.S. restaurants in Los Angeles, Portland, Austin, Miami and New York City with the hope to expand it nationwide.

Check out the commercial below and just a fair warning that you might get the song stuck in your head!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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