New Study Finds Horror Movie Fans Have Coped With Coronavirus The Best

If you consider yourself a brave soul who loves horror movies, then it turns out you've been best equipped to cope with the coronavirus and the stress/anxiety it causes!

A new study has found that fans of movies and shows featuring attacking zombies, aliens and infectious diseases cope better in times of crisis because they pick up tips on how to behave or react to situations like panic buying, fake remedies, and a fear of others.

If that doesn't sound like coronavirus already, then I don't know what else does, but the study asked 310 people about their movie preferences and how prepared they felt for coronavirus and those who preferred horror movies said they felt more prepared.

Now I'm not saying that everything you see in The Walking Dead or Contagion should be followed to a tee, but it might be good to learn some tips just in case!

(NY Post)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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