This Harry Potter-Themed AirBnB Comes With Rooms For Each House

Have you ever wanted to stay at Hogwarts, but have come to the realization that you're not a wizard? This AirBnB in Orlando is hoping to help you live out your dream of being a student at Hogwarts!

Called Wizards Way, the AirBnB boasts a full eight rooms done up to represent elements of the Wizarding World and each room is made to look like the dorms for each Hogwarts House.

If you don't remember what Hogwarts House you were in, or never knew, there is actually a Sorting Hat that greets renters when they enter the AirBnB.

In addition to the house-themed rooms, the house features a Quidditch-themed game room, a home theater done to resemble the Forbidden Forest, and the dining room has a Great Hall-inspired dining table.

As of right now the next availability is in September 2020, but if you're planning a trip, then why not go the extra mile and avoid the hotel? You can see Wizards Way on AirBnB HERE!

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