Stouffer's Has Created A 'Mac & Cheese Tap'

For anyone who loves macaroni and cheese as much as they love dispensing beer from a tap, Stouffer's has just debuted the BEST invention of all time: a mac & cheese tap!

Ahead of National Mac and Cheese Day on July 14th, Stouffer's revealed that it will be releasing a tap that dispenses mac & cheese on to whatever you want and is calling it the "Mac on Tap."

It's basically like a nacho cheese dispenser that also dispenses warm noodles, but you could easily use it for the holidays or big family gatherings.

You can see what it looks like below and while there hasn't been a price or release date given for the Mac on Tap yet, I hope they reveal it soon because this is a perfect wedding gift for any weddings you may go to in the near future.

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