This Husband Chose His Funko Pop Collection Over His Wife

When you move in with a partner you typically have to agree on what stays and what goes from your own stuff, but this husband decided to choose his Funko Pop collection over his wife and thinks he is in the right!

The husband posted on Reddit’s “Am I The Asshole?” subreddit and explained that he has collected thousands of Pop figures over the last six years and his wife wanted him to cut back on the spending for the figures.

According to the user, for the past few months, he has spent almost $500 monthly to expand his collection.

Now obviously, as any good partner would, his wife asked if he could reduce his spending on Pops to about 3 Pops a month and the husband thought it was a ridiculous request.

His wife eventually gave him an ultimatum: choose their marriage or his love for Funko Pops and as of right now it looks like he's going to be living alone for the foreseeable future.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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