Michael Keaton May Return As Batman In Upcoming Flash Movie

We might get another chance at Michael Keaton suiting up as Batman again because the former Batman is in talks to reprise his ICONIC role in the upcoming Flash movie.

Keaton starred as Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight in Tim Burton’s two Batman films: Batman (1989) and Batman Returns, and according to our friends at The Hollywood Reporter he is currently in talks to come back.

Keaton would play an older version of Bruce Wayne/Batman that helps Ezra Miller's Flash navigate "The Flashpoint Paradox" and then potentially become a recurring character like Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury in the MCU.

While we're still far away from The Flash even beginning filming, we can at least relive Michael Keaton's glory days as Batman in the 80s and hope he can still dance in the pale moonlight!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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