Pokémon Snap Is Finally Coming To Nintendo Switch

After 20 LONG years of wishing and hoping, we can now celebrate that Pokémon Snap is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

The original Pokémon Snap may have come out in 1999, but in the near future we are getting New Pokémon Snap that will be inspired by the original Nintendo 64 game.

If you never played the original game you essentially take photos of the various Pokémon on the in-game island to have them rated instead of actually catching any Pokémon.

The new version of the game will feature Pokémon from the current generations of the game and fingers crossed that either Walgreen's or CVS lets people print out their pictures like Blockbuster did back in the day.

New Pokémon Snap currently does not have a release date, but we do know it’ll be developed by Bandai Namco Studios, and not the original game's creator, HAL Laboratory.

Source/Photo Credit: The Pokémon Company

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