Arby's Takeout Bags Can Apparently Hold Up To 25-Pounds

An Arby's Restaurant In Dawsonville, Georgia

If you've ordered fast food to-go from anywhere you know that the larger you order that the more likely your bag is going to rip, but not at Arby's whose bags can withstand up to 25-pounds of ALL THE MEATS!

A group of friends made the discovery when ordering Arby's late-night and saw that at the bottom of every Arby's bag it says it can withstand up to 25-pounds per bag. Naturally they put it to the test and the bags withstood having 25-pound worth of whatever inside.

You can see their original TikTok below and just know that if you need to make a big order at a fast food restaurant that Arby's will guarantee the bag won't rip!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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