This New Dating Site Was Made Just For Gamers

Friends play a games console

Move over farmers because the newest group to get their own dating app is GAMERS thanks to a new online dating site called Joystick Dating!

With over 164 MILLION gamers in the US alone it makes sense that someone finally made a dating site to help gamers connect off the joysticks romantically.

Joystick Dating will have the normal features other dating sites offer like age, location, gender, and sexuality, but if users don't feel comfortable with having a photo of themselves on the app then they don't have to include a photo in their profile.

In addition to standard dating site information, users can answer some of the important questions, such as whether they prefer console or PC and the types of games they prefer on their profile.

Whether you prefer puzzle games or are a die-hard Call of Duty fan you're guaranteed to match with someone with similar interests and easily have a first date playing video games! To sign up for Joystick Dating you can go HERE!

(The Gamer)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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