You Can Now Buy A Cup Noodle Model Kit

If you love Cup Noodle or model kits then the PERFECT collab is here for you because Bandai Hobby is creating a 1:1 scale Cup Noodle model kit!

This scale model replica of Cup Noodle is currently available for preorder and was created to celebrates 50 years of Cup Noodle existing.

The model kit's "noodles, egg, shrimp, and 'mystery meat'" were 3D scanned from actual Cup Noodles, to provide authenticity so instead of eating it you can display it on your shelf.

You can preorder the Bandai Hobby Cup Noodle model from Big Bad Toy Store or Amazon for $26.99 or you can just make your own model kit with "fresh ingredients" from an actual Cup Noodle pack.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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