This Marvel Superfan Mapped Out EVERY MCU Scene In Chronological Order

We would consider ourselves on the podcast to be dedicated MCU superfans, but this fan took it to a whole other level after he arranged EVERY scene in the MCU in chronological order!

Disney parks reviewer Tony Goldmark revealed on Twitter over the weekend that he mapped out every individual scene from the 23 Marvel movies that have currently been released through Spider-Man: Homecoming.

The list opens with the prologue of Thor: The Dark World before moving through the Thor franchise and then into Wakanda's history in Black Panther before it moves into the "modern history" of the MCU with Captain America's movies.

His timeline only covers the 23 MCU movies so far, meaning that no ABC or Netflix shows, shorts or deleted scenes made it into the 118-scene list, but we'll give him a pass for doing the hard work for everyone else to enjoy!

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Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

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