Baby Yoda Looked Ugly In Early Concept Art For 'The Mandalorian'

I think we can all agree that Bay Yoda, aka "The Child" from The Mandalorian, might have been the best thing Star Wars created in the past few years, but apparently he was going to look a lot uglier according to early concept designs!

In the most recent episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Jon Favreau, the creator of the show, revealed that Baby Yoda was originally going to look more chunkier and hairy.

Thank goodness that they weren't happy with the first concept design, but you can see the evolution of the character into what we have now, by looking at the screenshots below.

Not that you'll never be able to get that image our of your head, if you still haven't seen any of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, then you can check out the series' trailer below!

Photo Credit: Disney+

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