Chipotle Is Sharing How To Make DIY Nachos On TikTok

TikTok is slowly becoming the home to DIY hacks for your home and cooking game and now Chipotle is sharing its own hacks to step up your Chipotle order!

Chipotle has its own TikTok account and for the past couple of days it's been releasing tricks and hacks on how to create your OWN nachos from their menu items.

Now you can't ask the employees to make you nachos in the restaurant, but most of the hacks do involve buying a burrito bowl, chips, and queso and making your nachos at home.

Check out some of the new hacks you're probably going to be adding to your Chipotle routine, including: DIY nachos, taco salads, and "The Extra Dip" below:

(Food & Wine)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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