A Delivery Driver Got Tony Hawk To Send A Fan A Board On TikTok

Get ready to have your faith in humanity restored for the first time from TikTok becuase Tony Hawk just fulfilled a young fan's wish to have one of his skateboards!

A FedEx delivery driver named Mikail went viral on TikTok after he recorded a video explaining how one of the kids in the neighborhoods he makes deliveries for asked him if he could deliver a skateboard to Tony Hawk, who he's apparently a big fan of.

Mikail decided to "put it out there in the universe" for Tony Hawk to see, so he could give Cooper a "shout-out" and got over 4 MILLION views on his TikTok alone!

Mikail's video eventually got noticed by Tony Hawk who created his own TikTok just to reply back to Mikail and Cooper and to tell them that he's going to be sending him HIS OWN PERSONAL SKATEBOARD, which you can see in the TikTok below, as a thank-you gift.

The even cooler thing is that Mikail was the person who got to deliver the boards to Cooper and his older brother!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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