Heinz Ketchup Is Releasing An All-Red Puzzle

If you consider yourself a "puzzle master," especially two months into coronavirus, then Heinz ketchup has what might be the hardest puzzle for you to try: a 570-piece ALL-RED puzzle!

All 570 pieces are the same red hue of the Heinz's ketchup and there really aren't any images or lines to help you cheat when it comes to putting the puzzle together. You would be lucky if you could even figure out the edge and corner pieces!

Heinz is only offering this one through an online giveaway. There are 57 puzzles available total, in honor of the 57 varieties of Heinz that is labeled on every bottle.

You can win a puzzle set by commenting on their Instagram post below as to who you know you could finish the puzzle with. Just don't blame us for the pain and agony it might cause!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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