The Office Cast Reunited For This Maryland Couple's Virtual Wedding!

John Krasinski has been killing it with his Some Good News YouTube show with celebrity appearances every week, but he might have pulled off his greatest trick by reuniting the ENTIRE cast of The Office to celebrate a Maryland couple's virtual wedding!

The virtual reunion came about in celebration of Maryland couple Susan and John's engagement after Krasinski saw that John proposed to Susan by recreating Jim's bent knee to Pam outside a gas station on the show.

To celebrate, Krasinski became ordained and had Jenna Fischer serve as Susan's maid of honor, but he also got the rest of The Office cast, including Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, and Mindy Kaling, to recreate the dance scene and Jim and Pam's wedding!

You can see the whole reunion, as well as Emma Stone and Emily Blunt making news updates and a Zac Brown performance below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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