Xbox Series X Will Have A "Co-Pilot Mode" To Help Disabled Gamers

Playing video games is going to get a lot easier for everyone when the next Xbox, Xbox Series X, launches this Fall!

The team at Xbox announced that as part of its initiative to encourage "play for all," it will be adding a "Co-Pilot Mode" in the Xbox Series X that will enable two controllers to function as one, with both having equal weight in terms of input.

Essentially, this will allow another person to assist a newer player, or even a disabled gamer who is having a hard time accessing the game, by using another controller.

Microsoft and Xbox have already released their Adaptive Controller, which took a large step in including disabled gamers, and this is the next evolution for more possibilities for those who struggle with some specific aspects of standard setups.

Xbox Series X is scheduled to release this Fall and to see more about it you can check out our friend Austin Evans full Hands-On with the console below!

(The Gamer)

Photo Credit: Xbox

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