Animal Crossing Players Are Getting Flagged On Facebook Because Of Weeds

If you play Animal Crossing you know that certain items are a hot commodity and it changes every week! This has led to multiple groups being made across social media to help set up trades, but apparently Facebook is striking users for posting about "weeds!"

Facebook’s community standards are clear when it comes to regulated goods: You can’t sell or buy non-medical drugs on the platform, and this of course includes marijuana, but when in-game weeds, like from plants, became a hot commodity, the social media platform decided to step in.

Two different Animal Crossing groups on the platform have asked users to stop using the word “weed” or “trade” in posts, because Facebook is allegedly deleting those uploads.

Apparently Facebook automatically takes down any posts containing any variation of weed and has given every user who posted a community strike. Just a heads up to keep your trades on Discord or in the DMs!


Photo Credit: Nintendo

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