Travis Scott Released A New Song During His Fornite Concert!

If you weren't able to play Fortnite yesterday then you missed out on what might have been the craziest event in the game's history because Travis Scott held a 10-minute concert in the game!

Not only did Travis Scott have an in-game avatar, which players can now unlock, but he grew to "Godzilla-size" and had the entire game be his concert stage!

Players were also introduced to a new underwater-swimming mechanic that is rumored to be added to the game in its next update.

If you missed out, just watch the video below to see the ENTIRE concert without having to worry about someone trying to attack you in-game!

Also Travis Scott released a new song with Kid Cudi called "The Scotts" during the concert and it actually has an all-Fortnite music video! You can check that out below!

Photo Credit: Epic Games

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