Chipotle Will Donate Burritos To Healthcare Workers If You Use This Code

If you are still keeping Chipotle in your food rotation during quarantine then you NEED to make sure you add this promo the next time you order to send a FREE burrito to a healthcare worker!

Chipotle has launched its 4Heroes campaign which essentially helps give free food to frontline healthcare workers. All you have to do is enter the code "4Heroes" in the promo code section of your online order on the app or their website and Chipotle will donate a burrito to a health care worker.

The code only works from April 21st-26th and then on May 6th, which is Nurses Day, healthcare workers can go to Chipotle's website to claim their well-earned meals!

You literally have to do nothing to help your fellow healthcare worker out, so even if you don't eat Chipotle on the regular you might want to try this week!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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