Samsung TV Boxes Can Now Be Turned Into Cat Houses And TV Stands

If you had an imagination back in the day you know that a TV's big cardboard box led to a lot of fun and creative times and now Samsung is making it easier for us as adults by encouraging customers to recycle its TV packaging into household items!

Samsung will start using packaging made from “eco-friendly corrugated cardboard” on its higher-end TVs, which essentially means the cardboard is now perforated with a pattern that makes it easier to cut up and reassemble into other objects!

You only have to scan a QR code on your box with a mobile device and you'll be given access to instruction manuals for turning the cardboard into magazine racks, shelving, end tables, or a cat house!

The various cardboard pieces appear to be designed to keep the Samsung branding front and center, so it's a great marketing strategy on their part, but now you don't have to go out any buy the super-expensive TV stand to hold your newly-purchased TV!

You can see what some of the "box creations" look like below


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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