The Mandalorian Is Getting A Behind-The-Scenes Docuseries On Disney+!

May the Fourth might be Star Wars fans across the galaxy's favorite day of the year, but it just got a WHOLE lot better because Disney+ will be releasing a docuseries on The Mandalorian this year!

In addition to the final episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars airing on May 4th, the first of eight episodes of Disney Gallery will premiere and focus on The Mandalorian.

Not only will we get to see behind-the-scenes footage, but we might also get a sneak peek at Season Two of the show!

Like The Mandalorian, the new show will roll out on a week-by-week basis, which will pretty much get us to July where we can start prepping for Season Two.

If you know or are a Star Wars fan just know that you might not see them at all this year on May 4th!


Photo Credit: Disney+

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