Disney+ Is Randomly Censoring Butts In Some Of Its Movies

If you have Disney+ you probably know that most of the content is family friendly and that there really isn’t anything about a TV-14 rating, but it turns out that the streaming service is still editing some of its movie’s “racier scenes.”

Apparently users have discovered that Disney+ edited Tom Hanks’ film Splash which was released in 1984 and had a PG rating at the time.

Back then A LOT of movies had a PG rating at the time and still had offensive language or brief nudity and Splash was one of those movies.

The version of the film on Disney+ has now digitally altered a scene where one of the character’s butts has now been covered with “extra hair,” which you can see in the tweet below.

Now I'm not saying that Disney+ should stop while it's ahead, but if they have to alter that scene, then can we talk about the Hulk's butt from Thor: Ragnarok?


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