Pizzerias Are Now Using Robots To Make Deliveries


This pandemic has certainly forced some businesses to be innovative in how they do business and still abide by social distancing rules and an Arizona pizzeria has figured out a way to keep their delivery drivers safe while embracing technology. 

The Venezia’s New York Style Pizza location in Tempe, Arizona teamed up with Starship Technologies to use a robot to deliver food directly to its customers!

The delivery driver shows up with the robot and food to the homes of customers. The driver then controls the robot and drives him to the door so customers can get their food while maintaining social distancing. 

The company hopes to expand on this concept and believes more and more restaurants may embrace this kind of technology. If you happen to be really good at the claw machine or flying drones then you might want to start applying to places like Venezia's!

(Fox 10)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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