The Original Cast Of 'Hamilton' Reunited On John Krasinki's YouTube Show!

John Krasinski has really stepped up to give us the entertainment and good news we NEED during the coronavirus pandemic!

Not only did he launch his NEW YouTube show called Some Good News With John Krasinski and reunite with Steve Carell, but this week on his show he reunited the ORIGINAL cast of Hamilton!

Krasinski first showed a tweet of a mom who was saddened that she couldn't take her daughter to New York to see Hamilton and not only did Krasinski bring the daughter on the show, but he surprised her with Lin-Manuel Miranda!

However, that wasn't all because Lin-Manuel not only promised her tickets to see Hamilton whenever it came back, but the ENTIRE ORIGINAL cast of Hamilton hopped onto their Zoom call to perform "Alexander Hamilton!'

Check it out below!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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