This Guy Used A Drone To Ask A Woman Out On Her Balcony!

TONS of people are currently stuck in their home and practicing social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak, as they SHOULD BE, but that still isn't stopping some people from trying new techniques of asking people out!

A TikTok has gone viral all over the Internet because it shows a guy in New York asking someone out with the help of a drone!

Essentially, the guy saw that a girl was dancing to a TikTok song on her rooftop across the street from his apartment and he decided to wave hi to her.

He later flew a drone over to her rooftop with his phone number and she TEXTED HIM BACK! It's the coronavirus love story we all want to see succeed! Watch the video below!

Also there's no word on a Part 2 yet, but we've already followed him for any updates!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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