Italians Are Singing On Their Balconies During Coronavirus Quarantine!

Italy is currently on a complete quarantine lockdown with over 17,660 cases of the coronavirus in the country, but that hasn't stopped Italians from creating community with each other because tons of videos are going viral of Italians singing and collaborating with music on their balconies!

Speaking from personal experience, I got to go to Florence with my girlfriend in November and the Italian people are ALL about community! Even if you went to bed at 1am you would still be able to hear people talking and eating at the local restaurant in the neighborhood.

You can check the first video below that went super-viral over the weekend, followed by a ton of other videos, even everybody doing "The Macarena," that will hopefully inspire ALL OF US to do something similar (maybe "Sweet Caroline?") if it gets bad in the states.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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