Dua Lipa's Upcoming Tour Has A VIP Ticket That Lets You Battle Her In DDR!

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Say what you will about VIP packages when it comes to concerts or sporting events, but they're often the best way to ACTUALLY meet your favorite artist/athlete and Dua Lipa has the best VIP package of all time: to play her in Dance Dance Revolution!

For Dua Lipa's upcoming European tour, there is actually a VIP package called "Dua's House Party" that will let you meet Dua Lipa and get exclusive merchandise, but you'll also get to "enter a competition for the chance of a live dance-off with Dua on Konami's Dance Dance Revolution."

Now the package does cost you about $350 and doesn't necessarily guarantee you the chance to play Dua Lipa because you have to beat everyone else to play her! Also the VIP option is only currently available on her European tour.

So if you’re willing to travel post-coronavirus, then start brushing up on your DDR skills again by checking out the video below which has the best method of beating her "New Rules" dance!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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