You Can Now Buy Margaritaville Powder Packets!

If you're as much of a fan of margs as I am then get ready to spend a couple bucks at Amazon in a few minutes because Margaritaville powder mixes actually exist in the wild!

The powder packs just recently went on sale in stores and they look just like the packs you've most likely used to flavor your water!

They come in two flavors: Margarita and Daiquiri and while they aren't alcoholic, they are essentially primed for you to put an airplane shot inside. Or if you need an emergency marg on hand then look no further!

You can see what they look like below and people are currently finding them at Walgreens, but you can also buy a 72-pack on Amazon for $19! Just be ready for everyone to approach you once it hits 5 o'clock!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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