This Company Will Pay You $1,000 To Not Open Their Mystery Box!

Mystery boxes are kind of the BIG thing to get family and friends as gag gifts because they usually end up getting something sort of funny, but a company called MSCHF recently launched their own mystery box that could earn you $1,000!

MSCHF is offering a Mystery Box for $100 that could have anything inside it ranging from $0-7,000 in worth. However, the more interesting concept is that if you DON'T open the box for 100 days then they will pay you $1,000 when you send it back!

Literally anything could be inside like a new Louis Vuitton bag, a Nintendo Switch, or 25 years of Popeyes' chicken sandwiches, but also inside could be something you don't want at all like a chewed piece of gum, new socks, or a paperclip.

Obviously, the bigger prizes have a smaller chance of being in your box, but if you could withstand the sort of "Deal or No Deal" pressure, then you can totally win a $1,000!

You can see ALL the items that you can get inside the box HERE, but do know that the box is currently sold out for the time being.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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