Meet Hoody's New Puppy Teddy!

Can I just say that I am STOKED to be a DOG PARENT for the first time!!!!

My family has always had dog's but Teddy is the first animal that I am responsible for with my girlfriend Moira! We're his mom and dad!

Teddy is 10 months old and is a Chihuahua mix. The rescue shelter didn't know exactly what he's mixed with, but he is 12 pounds of adorableness!

Teddy was given to the shelter because his original owner surrendered him, but we as soon as he ran up to us we knew he was our "puppers!"

Check out some of the first couple of photos I've already taken of Teddy, and some info about the adoption process, below!

We rescued Teddy from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue in Fairfax Station, VA and they were a local non-profit shelter that has also been helping rescue pets from Puerto Rico.

We went to the shelter on a Saturday after we emailed them the types of dogs we were looking for because we live in an apartment that restricts certain dog breeds. When we got there the volunteers showed us a ton of dogs and it was TEDDY who actually ran up to us and laid right in our laps.

After Moira and I decided that Teddy was the one, we met with the adoption coordinator who did a background check on us and then we got to take our son home that same day!

Here are some of our family photos we took outside of our apartment!

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