Hardee's Is Now Selling Fried Cheese Patties!

If you have always wished for there to be a little more cheese on your burger than the one slice most restaurants give you, then you want to head to Hardee's who is now introducing fried cheese patties to their menu!

They're calling it "Big Fried Cheese" and it is essentially cheddar and mozzarella cheese mixed together and then breaded to kind of look like a veggie patty. However, instead of vegetables, it's filled with melted cheese!

You can add it to any burger or breakfast sandwich at your local Hardee's/Carl's Jr. and it only costs $3!

The "Big Fried Cheese," or BFC for short, won't be on the menu forever so if you consider yourself a "cheese connoisseur" then you might want to make a trip to Hardee's/Carl's Jr. in the near future!


Photo Credit: Hardee's

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