This New App Will Pay You To Go Vegan!

Portrait Of Young Woman Eating Leaf Vegetable

If you know/are a Vegan you know that it can be tough when going out, or even going to the store for groceries, and to help with this struggle anew app will PAY YOU to eat Vegan!

The app is call Pay-A-Vegan and will first launch in China this week and will actually pay users who order plant-based meals when going out with money! Essentially all you need to do is upload your restaurant receipt and if the app finds one vegan menu item then you get paid $1!

Now it is only a $1, but think of how much you could earn just by being your normal Vegan self or even trying the lifestyle!

There's currently no word on when the app will come to the US, but best believe there are going to be a TON of wealthy Vegans in the near future!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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